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After extensive research Owl Rescue Centre found that there is no rodent poison on the market that guarantee not to cause secondary poisoning in owls. 
The chemicals used to control rodents are being found in the livers of owls and are causing the deaths of an alarming quantity of birds of prey. The chemicals cause metabolic disruption and damage to tiny blood vessels, resulting in internal bleeding and ultimately death.

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• Spotted Eagle Owl House - R 900
• Barn Owl House - R 1295
• Rat Trap - *R 150 rental per trap per month (minimum of 6 months payable upfront)  Includes collection of rodents.


Please note: 

Installation of your Owl House can be arranged (subject to area), but there is a waiting period for all installations. This is mostly dependent on the number of orders per area.  Once we have enough orders to cover the travel expenses for a specific area, a date is set, and our installation team is sent on their journey.


We courier Owl Houses country-wide to your door with easy-to-follow instructions on how to install it. 


Keep in mind that all our products are manufactured from 100% recycled plastic waste.  There is a very special process involved in the making of your Owl House, so please be patient with us.

Owl Rescue Centre realized an alternative eco-friendly solution is required in order to convince the public not to use harmful chemicals. We designed a humane Owl-friendly Rat Trap to assist owls with rodent control.
The Owl-friendly Rat Trap is designed primarily to catch rats without killing or harming them. Food bait (not poisoned) is placed inside the cage part of the Rat Trap to lure the rodents to the trap. The rat or mouse enters the Rat Trap through a trap door to get to the bait. The rodent is caught alive and without injury; it is trapped with a supply of water and food. When you see a rodent in your trap, you can contact the Owl Rescue Centre to collect the rats to use as food for the owls in the rehabilitation centre. The collection of rats is a free service that the Owl Rescue Centre offers to those who make use of the Owl-friendly Rat Traps.


Contact Information

Non Profit Registration 2012/126036/08

Physical Address                     (By appointment only)

Farm 448 Bokfontein Hartbeespoort                          North West Province

Contact number:                      +2782 719 5463

Email: info@owlrescuecentre.org.za


Owl Rescue Centre provides safe breeding sites for owls, by erecting Owl Houses in which certain owl species will nest, as a solution to the loss of natural habitat and nesting spots in urban development. 
The Owl Houses are helping to grow the owl population in suburbs, creating a natural solution to rodent control.


Become a responsible consumer & recycle your plastic

In 2018, we decided to implement a new and groundbreaking approach to environmental management, giving special attention and focus to plastic waste.  It had been decided that all Owl Rescue Centre NPC conservation products, including Owl Houses, Bat Houses and Bee Hives will be manufactured from recycled plastic instead of wood.

This project will extend to an ocean clean-up mission and the acquisition of a sea-going vessel is on the agenda.

We aim to recycle six-hundred tons of plastic per year, making this a feasible environmental project.  


In our research, we found that plastic waste affects all the world’s oceans and very little effort is currently applied to this matter in South Africa.  With a believed 8.8 million metric tons of plastic waste that are dumped in oceans each year, widespread harm is caused to the marine environment.

.The use of plastic has increased in recent years and continue to do so.  This means that human-consumer influence on the environment has become a major concern as many types of plastics do not biodegrade. Floating plastic within the ocean poses a serious threat to fish, seabirds, marine reptiles, and marine mammals.


Collect your plastic and we will help you to get rid of it in an environmentally responsible way. Plastic can be dropped off at our collection site at the Centre any time - our recycling plant runs 24/7

Plastic must be washed and squashed.

If you have any questions, please send a WhatsApp to 066 403 5280 

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Some important notes to remember:


Your plastic is not a donation - it is simply you, taking the responsibility for your part in waste creation to ensure that your plastic is responsibly recycled and turned into something that is beneficial to the environment.

The Plastic Recycling Project costs Owl Rescue Centre more than what we gain through the sale of Owl Houses, Bat Houses and Bee Hives.  We do this to benefit the environment!

Currently there is no cost to the public in the collection of the plastic, but you are welcome to support us by signing up for a monthly donation to offset your Plastic Footprint.  This will help us to continue our project that offers a solution to plastic waste and will ensure that it is recycled into homes for wildlife to aid in their conservation. We are taking something that negatively impacts the environment and changing it into something that benefits conservation!