Owl Rescue Centre

Dedicated to the protection of owl species

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Item Name Price
Spekboom (Small)
R 10.00
Gold Owl Notepad A5
R 50.00
Owl Socks
R 75.00
Owl Coffee Mug
R 100.00
Owl Rescue Centre Cap
R 120.00
My Dark Country by Danelle Murray
R 240.00
Kids Owl T-shirt
R 250.00
Return to the Wild by Danelle Murray & Brendan Murray
R 280.00
Micro Rodent Trap
R 295.00
Gold Owl T-shirt
R 320.00
Gold Owl Long Sweater Shirts
R 420.00
Spekboom In Pot (large) - Delivery only available in Gauteng
R 450.00
Unisex Owl Hoodie
R 450.00
Bat House
R 750.00
Spotted Eagle Owl House
R 900.00
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