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Return to the Wild by Danelle Murray & Brendan Murray
R 280.00
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Return to the Wild is an inspirational story of a rescued otter who was raised in captivity and a family’s dedication to setting him free. His release is met with many challenges and when it is discovered that Lazarus, a Cape Clawless Otter is afraid of water they must find a way to help him overcome this. 


Conservationist couple Brendan and Danelle assuredly tackle their task, despite the doom-laden prophecies of critics, and succeed to teach Lazzy to swim, hunt and survive on his own. The authors take the reader on this personal and heart-warming journey of discovery that finally leads to his freedom. 


The story of his introduction and adaption to the wild is told in 20 descriptive chapters. The book also features 29 full colour photos of Lazzy's release.


All proceeds supports owl & wildlife conservation.